Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking care of the kids while wife is away

My wife is currently away, so I have to take care of the kids everyday. Basically, hv to wake them up in the morning, make milk, get them to clean up, dressed up, prepared them to get ready for school. Send them off to school.

In the evening, I ll hv to pick them up from the school, then prepare their dinner when reach home. I used to bathe them, but since their mother is away, I ll get them to bathe themselves. Sometimes, the did well, but most of the time, they ll just stay inside for hours (well, literally speaking...) and play. So, at the end i still need to get myself inside the bathroom and eventually get them showered and come out.

By that time, the dinner is ready. So far, they have been pretty cooperative, and they feed themselves. Occationally, still need me to push a bit, especially the younger one.

After dinner, usually, they ll have some playtime. They will get their favorite toys and play with each other. While they are at it, i ll take the chance to clean up and take a bath. By then, it would be ard 9pm or so. Study time for Thomas (my elder boy) and Stephanie (my girl). As usual, the boy will usually do the maths, and the girl will do the coloring/drawing.

Abt 10plus, it is milk time (or "nen-nen time", as they called it). Then played for another short while, and it is time to hit the sack....

So, thats abt my days' work taking care of the 2 kids. I can tell you, it is definitely not easy, and in some instances, get pretty exhaustive. Also, at times, may also get really angry, frustrated and tired when the 2 kids are not cooperating well. But, most of the time they are okay. Well, it is hard work, it is frustrating, it is tiring, it is exhausive, but when i see them happy and the smiles on their face, it just makes my day. They are 2 very adorable kids....They are naughty and playful sometimes, but still adorable.

But then think abt it, who says taking care of kids is easy.....

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