Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What is Responsibility?

In my previous posts, I mentioned a lot about taking care of my kids everyday, bring them to school, cook for them, etc, and it is not an easy job. Most will probably say, that is my responsibility as a father. But then, what exactly is "Responsibility"?

Hmm, I decided to look up The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language for an exact meaning of Responsibility. Here is the definition:

n. pl. re·spon·si·bil·i·ties
1. The state, quality, or fact of being responsible.
2. Something for which one is responsible; a duty, obligation, or burden.

Hmmm, that says it all. "one is responsible; a duty, obligation, or burden". I supposed, the "one" is basically me. So, that means I have a duty that is obliged to complete the job. But, it also says a burden. Huh? A burden?? Hmmm, let me read a little bit more on the dictionary.....

"The obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion. With responsibility goes authority to direct and take the necessary action to ensure success."

Oh ok, so, I guess it basically says it is a tough job, a task or duty that must be done in order to reach a successful conclusion. Probably have to go through some hardship before we can have a successful life. That makes sense.

So I decided to search through the web for a little more details, and find out why taking responsibility is important.

One needs to realize that, taking 100% responsibility of his/her life, is a starting point for all great success and achievements.

Then, what is the effect of not being responsible?
A successful person looks upon him/herself as the cause of what happens in his/her life. He/She understands that he/she is in full control and where he/she is today is a direct reflection of his/her actions in the past.

Responsibility = Control , No Responsibility = No Control

Here is an excerpt i gathered from one of the "Self Improvement Tips" website.

"We feel good about ourselves to the degree in which we feel in complete control of our lives. When we blame other people or things for the way out life is, we loose that control, and with that loss comes a feeling of helplessness and negativity.

If you are able to fully accept responsibility for your life and stop blaming external factors for the way things turn out, you will automatically shed that feeling of helplessness and negativity.

In turn, this will be replaced with a feeling of control, confidence and high self esteem. Everything you need to be successful in life.

Just remember that where you are today is a result of your actions in the past. therefore, your future will be a result of what you do today.

Make sure you understand this and start accepting full responsibility for your life today, so that you can create the future you want for tomorrow."

Hmmm, this has certainly brighten up my day ! Hope you have a good day too...

On the way back to Ipoh - on 29Aug2009

Thomas working on his mental arithmetric, on the train floor

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kids at the Park.....I mean at the Playground

Ok, it was Sunday. Rained almost all day. Finally, ard 5.30pm, the rain stopped. Wanted to go to the park with the kids, but looking at the sky, not sure it would rain again. So decided to go to the neighborhood playground. Thomas wanted to go out to play badminton, and Step wanted to go out walk2, run2. Ok, so ard 6pm, we went out, stopped by the bread shop to get some bread while enrouting to the playground.....need to fill up my stomach a little as i was hungry....

So, at the playground, as usual, the kids started to run around the playground, play with the facilities, etc, and I was sitting at the playground seat to enjoy my bread....yam bread.

Then, the 2 kids moved to exercise section (it is just next to playground). Thomas met one ang mo (I think American-Singaporean mix), and they started making friends and play together. Step, as usual, will join the brother to mix with his new found friend. Nothing unusual, just normal kids playing. Then they played with one of the exercise equipments....i think it is called the hang-bar. Basically, an overhead bar that a person hangs himself off the ground and then tried to lift himself higher. For the 2 elder kids (the ang mo and Thomas)....no problem. They can reach the bar easily. The ang mo was challenging Thomas to hold on one bar and use the legs to touch another bar. First, the ang mo kid went first. Lifted himself, then do a high kick, and he touched the bar. Second, Thomas turn. Lifted him up as the ang mo kid, then tried to do a couple of high kicks, but unfortunately, didnt manage to touch the next bar. So, now, it is Step's turn. Opps, she couldnt reach the first bar, whats more the second bar. I mean even the first bar that she tried to grab also couldnt reach. She tried to jump up and down to grab, but yet still couldnt, knowingly that it's still about 6 to 8 inches to reach the bar.

Then the brother gave her encouragement and shouted to her to jump higher. The brother even did a count down to prepare her. So, she armed herself with the determination, the encouragement, bend her legs a little bit, and then.....countdown started....5....4...3...2...1.....GO! She them jumped up and amazingly....she actually reached the first bar and lifted herself off the ground, then the brother and the ang mo kid were cheering at her. Man....I was laughing from what she did..... It was so funny. Unfortunately, the mommy was away, not there to witness that, otherwise she would probably laugh also.

Well, she may just a 3 year old kid, and may not know what is determination and encouragement. To her, it is just a play thing. but given the determination and the encouragement, she just did the almost impossible task. After she managed to do that, I can see the satisfaction and happiness shown on her face.

Come to think about it, even a 3 years old kid can do something almost impossible, whats more with an adult? As a adult, we should have more determination and focus on the tasks that we want to accomplish. What seems an impossible task to do may actually easier to accomplish when we put in our effort, energy, focus and determination.... It may sound easy, but bottom line is, if we dont try, we will never accomplish it.

Anyway, it is really interesting and really happy to see what she just did.