Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Start of the day.....

ok, since i dont have any specific topic to talk abt, just thought I just start if off with "Start of the Day..."

Yesterday, i was woken up by another mosquitos around 2AM. They were buzzing around my ears, I just couldnt stand it, but woke up and wanted to kill them. Turned on the lights and was sitting there for 10 mins and no sights of the mosquitos. Checked on the 2 kids to see if there were any signs of mosquito bites. Fortunately none. Wanted to go back to sleep, but couldnt sleep.

Since is well awake, i went online to see if my wife is online so that chat a bit (She is away currently) but she is offline.
Then i took the chance to read up a bit of the bible...Titus 2:4-5 about husband, wife, and happy family. Will talk more on that later.

After reading for awhile, i felt kinda sleepy, so, i head to the bed. In less thank 5mins, i zzzzz'ed off.

Woke up in the morning, and suddenly realized that it is already 8AM. Usually I wake up at 7.30am. Then quickly, I rushed to get the clothes hung, and prepared milk for the kids. Gets the kids up and prepared for school. In less than 30mins we were ready leave the house......Opps suddently forgot to get water bottle for the kids. Rushed back to fill their bottles, but realized that not a single drops of water for them. I think the guy staying in the back room comsumed all. Anyway, I told the kids to get the water from their respective teachers.

So, off we go with the empty bottles, and head straight to the MRT. Usually, I send them there by bicycle, but my bike broke down yesterday, and under repaired....out of order, u can say that.
So, we took the MRT then the bus to school. The kids enjoy taken train and bus.

Reached school ard 9.15am, and after dropped them off, i headed for work. Again, took, the similar bus route, and then the train. By 9.40am, reached company.

So, as usual work, work work...

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